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Use the present, introduce what is needed, and develop potential. —— Chairman Chen Dan


Performance concept
        Management is goal-oriented and takes process assessment, high performance and high return.
Training concept
        Let Hengxing become a big school for employee growth, and build a training and development system based on job functions, management level and career "three-dimensional".
Talent Strategy
        Let Hengxing become a "dream" factory for production talents.
Talent Concept
        Talent is the most valuable asset of an enterprise, the main source of corporate value, and the first element of enterprise development. The cause is people-oriented, and development is people-oriented. Hengxing emphasizes that individuals and enterprises must have lofty goals, emphasize that individual goals are consistent with corporate development goals, and corporate goals are consistent with social development goals.
Talent development
        Hengxing attaches great importance to the career planning and talent training of employees. On the one hand, it introduces high-quality talents (including doctors, masters, EMBAs, MBAs, etc.) suitable for the development of enterprises from famous universities at home and abroad. In the form of training and rotation, the company will send excellent business management talents to famous universities at home and abroad for further study.
Compensation concept
       Establish a salary system based on position and ability to create a high-performance salary culture.
Employee concept
        People-oriented, carefully maintain the psychological contract between the company and employees, and establish a harmonious labor-management relationship.
Recruitment concept
        In strict accordance with the Hengxing job competency model recruitment, recruitment is "de" first.