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Hengxing key talent training system

Hengcai Engineering

  • Training object:Graduates from key agricultural universities and comprehensive universities, undergraduate, master's and doctoral graduates
  • Training direction:Make new college students accelerate the understanding of the company's profile, including production and management industry knowledge, professional knowledge, corporate culture, development prospects and so on. Encourage employees to integrate into the organization as soon as possible, improve adaptability, and promote understanding of the attributes of the work, get the necessary basic knowledge.

Eagle project

  • Training objectNew employees who have been employed for one year; can recognize Hengxing corporate culture; can basically complete tasks under the guidance of leaders or colleagues; work attitude is good, and performance is excellent.
  • Training directionThe head of the department can independently undertake one or more key tasks; it can coordinate departmental resources to lead departmental colleagues to better complete departmental tasks.

Eagle project

  • Training objectHead of department, that is, an old employee or department head who has been employed for more than three years; highly agrees with Hengxing's core values; is able to undertake one or more tasks independently; has good management thinking and awareness; has good learning will and development potential .
  • Training directionThe person in charge of the department can preside over the overall work of the department; can coordinate the company resources to lead or coordinate the company's employees to successfully complete the company's business plan tasks.

Golden Eagle Project

  • Training objectThe person in charge of the department, that is, the presiding department has been working for more than two years; highly recognized the core values of Hengxing; has a strong sense of professionalism, mission and responsibility; has a good sense of innovation and awareness; has a strong sense of responsibility and enterprising Spirit; excellent performance in the past and good development potential.
  • Training directionThe person in charge of the company can preside over the overall work of the company; can strive for or coordinate the external resources of the company to lead all employees of the company to successfully complete the company's annual business indicators.

Hengcai engineering training method

Unified recruitment

  • Mainly for key agricultural universities, comprehensive universities for campus recruitment
  • Campus recruitment is unified by the headquarters, unified organization, unified implementation
  • Large-scale recruitment of undergraduate, undergraduate, master's and doctoral graduates

Unified entry

  • All contracted students will report in accordance with the prescribed time: March 1, 2018
  • All contracted students will be reported to the headquarters (Zhanjiang City, Guangdong Province) as required.
  • All registered students will sign and sign a three-year labor contract for a trial period of 3 months.
  • All students who sign labor contracts uniformly apply for social insurance such as pension, medical care, work injury, unemployment, etc.

Unified training

  • Unified induction training
  • Directed culture
  • Advanced training
  • Regular exchange
  • Training assessment

Unified management

  • Talent cultivation responsibility system
  • Talent development management file
  • Talent focus system

Three Eagle Project Training Method


All students use the “Hengxing Business School” mobile online learning platform to learn independently and complete the required study plan tasks as required. Among them: [The Eagle Project] 10 credits / month, [Eagle Project] 15 credits / month, [Golden Eagle Project] 20 credits / month. Those who have not met the learning requirements for three consecutive months will be eliminated.

Performance report

All participants are required to submit monthly performance reports to the direct supervisor, the unit administrative personnel, and the company's responsible person in accordance with the prescribed template, and copy the general manager and training specialist of the administrative personnel center. Performance reports include job performance, learning and application, and sharing of growth experiences. If the performance report has not been submitted for three consecutive months, it will be eliminated.

Team learning

All participants participate in the team learning and practical activities organized by the headquarters according to the specified time and place, including centralized study, outreach training, expatriate study, team study and so on. A team study activity is usually held in three months. If three consecutive team learning activities fail to participate, they will be eliminated.


All participants participate in the annual debriefing activities in accordance with the specified time and place. Those who do not participate in the debriefing defense for the second time in a row will be eliminated.

Smart sharing

All students should summarize, refine and produce professional course videos for sharing and sharing. Particularly excellent, after the approval of the relevant departments of the headquarters, join the "Hengxing Business School" professional courses and reward them. Among them: [The Eagle Project] 1 course / year, [Eagle Project] 2 courses / year, [Golden Eagle Project] 3 courses / year. If the video courseware fails to be submitted within the time limit, it will be eliminated.

Hengxing career development dual channel