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To apply for Hengxing enterprises, please apply for the position first. After the resume screening and initial test, the company arranges the evaluation and re-examination as needed, and the outstanding talents who can challenge can get the offer of Hengx

Recruitment position

According to the company's development needs, Hengxing Enterprise has provided a number of positions for talents from all walks of life. Welcome talents to apply!

Position Name Education Work place Release time
Head of financial affairs of overseas subsidiaries Bachelor degree or above Southeast Asia 2019-07-30
Education: Bachelor degree or above Work place: Southeast Asia

Basic requirements:

  1. Education: Bachelor degree or above
  2. Work experience: 5 years or more
  3. Professional requirements: foreign accounting, financial management
  4. Salary treatment: 30-40 million / year
  5. Job Categories: Finance
  6. Working location: Southeast Asia
  7. Number of people: 2
  8. Validity period: 2019-09-18

Job Responsibilities:

1、Age: 30 years old or above, bachelor degree or above, with more than 3 years experience as financial supervisor, intermediate accountant or above; 
2、Have comprehensive financial professional knowledge, accounting processing and financial management experience, and be familiar with the NC supply chain system;
3、Familiar with the relevant financial, taxation, auditing regulations and policies of the enterprise;
4、Proficient in the analysis and preparation of financial statements, familiar with the formulation of financial plans, and monitoring of working capital;
5、fluent in English, large group companies have priority in work experience, feed industry enterprises have priority, overseas experience is preferred; 
6、with innovative thinking, can continue to promote organizational change; 
7、can obey the work arrangement.